Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learn From A Highly Opinionated Professional

Today's reference website is Cazillo Photography. Mr. Cazillo is a professional with strong opinions. If I followed everything he does, photography wouldn't be that much fun for me. He's the stereotypical pro in that he has a ton of gear to sell you that you probably don't need and he can talk and talk on these videos. I had to dig a little to find the proof in this pudding(his images). He's got some great portraits, some decent nature shots, and others that are just snapshots.

I found Mr. Cazillo looking for information about when and when not to use auto or "P" mode. His video about it said to NEVER EVER use it. I've seen quite a few great photos that have it in their EXIF data. The camera companies pride themselves on it. Most people use it extensively. Many important and great spur of the moment shots would never have been made without it, but Mr. Pro says to never use it.

I don't want to slam him to hard, but he's preaching to a certain type of photographer here. In a controlled studio or a landscape shot where time is not of the essence his advice very well could be dead on. I'll use many of his tips when I do use manual mode. What I won't take away from Mr. Cazillo is the idea that his methods are the best and only methods that I should be using.

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