Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Try A Cell Phone For Photos In The Rain

One of the challenges of not having a high dollar weather-sealed camera is the rain. There are great shots to be had in the rain, but I don't like the hassle of wrapping up a camera and still risking it's demise by dropping it in a puddle or something. The answer to this that I've found is my Note 3 cell phone with an Otterbox
A Road On A Rainy Day
Road In The Rain Taken

An advantage to this setup is that it gives me practice with an otherwise loathed cell phone camera. I get more used to it every time I use it and this forces the issue. I've often been jealous of the Iphone photos I see, but the Iphone just lacks in so many other areas that I need more.

The quality of the photos is questionable, but if I have enough light, it's acceptable. The lacking quality sometimes make the photos more interesting and hearkens to the days of old with my Kodak 110 Instamatic I used as a child. The Otterbox provides plenty of protection from the elements and impact, so no worries if something does happen.

In comparison to the quality of the "sports" cameras that are sold, the cell phone isn't that far off. No need to drop a few hundred bucks on a bulky camera if you have a cell phone with a decent camera.

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