Thursday, May 15, 2014

Photography Gear Envy Websites

If a photographer wants a camera, the overwhelming majority of photography websites are geared towards helping you empty your wallet. They give you every single specification and opinion of "professional" photographers for every new camera available. I stay away from as many of these websites as possible. If the focus is equipment, forget the website.
Don't let the new, out-of-the-box, camera dream get in the way of your photography. 

If it's impossible to keep from the lure of lusting through these websites, here a few points to ponder.
  • Why is a "professional" photographer taking more interest in showing you a shiny new camera than in showing their photos? 
  • Read reviews of a camera from 5 years ago. For the exception of the specifications with lesser numbers, they make the old cameras seem just as appealing. These "reviews" are designed, either consciously or sub-consciously to make you want to purchase new cameras. 
  • The websites earn money either when you click through an add or on a commission when you click through to a retailer and buy equipment. It's in their interest to make you just want to buy and a reason is not required. 
  • You are wasting time that could be spent learning a skill. No great photo was ever made while researching specifications for a new camera. 
  • I have never witnessed a photographer happy about vastly improved photos due to their new camera. In fact, their sample photos to show off their new camera are usually really pointless snapshots. 
The actual photography lessons on many of these gear websites are severely lacking. The website owners know that many readers are far more convinced that a new camera is the pathway to improved photos and articles leaning to that line of thought are far more lucrative. Limit your exposure to these sites and concentrate on more instructional photography websites.

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