Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There Is Always Something To Photograph If You Look Hard Enough

I went to a groundbreaking ceremony for a project in my town that I really don't support. A group of wealthy people have partnered with people trying to get rich quick(politicians) and they're using their money and public money to wipe out some prime parking spots for a park. They're proud of themselves and this groundbreaking ceremony was a bit to let them to the public just how proud of themselves they are.

This group of suits is quite possibly the most boring group I've ever been in the company of. They're so boring that they bore each other. I used this ceremony as a test to see if I could get any photo that wasn't what I consider boring.

I found this guy in a suit looking intensely interested, but fidgeting with his hands behind his back to fight the boredom. He's the biggest of the big money in town too. More money's pass through those hands than anyone else in town, yet he was standing there suffering the BS like everyone else. I was lucky having a camera to look intensely interested with.

Hands Fidgeting To Fight Boredom
It was shot in intense sunlight and a conversion to black and white brings out the texture in the suit and hands. 

You can find interesting subjects with a story anywhere.

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